Cantaloupe Bowls > Regular Bowls

I love meals that have bowls you can eat.  Not only can you eat the food inside the bowl, but you can eat the bowl itself (Yep, I’m thinking of Panera Bread‘s bread bowls right now! Yum!)  Plus, sometimes you don’t even need to put it on a plate.  In today’s situation, no clean-up is required! 🙂

Today I present…

Cantaloupe Bowls!

It’s a pretty simple concept.

All you have to do is cut a cantaloupe in half and scoop the seeds out of the center.

I filled the center of my cantaloupe with 1 cup Vanilla Yogurt.  Then I cut up some strawberries and added it to the mix.

Another great thing about cantaloupe bowls is that you can try something new in it every time.  One day you might throw some granola, bananas, berries, seeds, nuts, etc.  Whatever you want!

Side Note:  I used to dismiss the idea of making cantaloupe bowls because I thought it would be a hassle. No!  Making a cantaloupe bowl is just as easy as making some toast. Seriously. Also, it’s a breeze to cut in half.

You have no excuses.
1. The cantaloupe bowl requires no clean up.
2. It’s easy to make.
3. It’s yummy and good for you.

Win. Win. Win.

Stuff your cantaloupe bowl silly and go have a delicious and nutritious breakfast!

In other news.  This week I’ve decided to test out my new “Action Plan” and see if I can gain any weight at all.  I am just too curious to wait until after Europe!  So here we go!  Today I weigh 110.8 pounds (This is a lot more than I weighed at the doctor a few days ago with food in my tummy and clothes on. Hmm.)  Due to my strange numbers, I’ll be weighing myself every day this week.  Wish me Luck! I am attempting to gain a pound a week.  This week I am just testing the waters.

Today I’m getting things checked off the usual to-do list and tonight I’m headed downtown to see my roommate’s brother’s band, Back City Woods. Should be fun!

– Question of the Day – 

What would you stuff your cantaloupe bowl with?



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2 responses to “Cantaloupe Bowls > Regular Bowls

  1. This is great!! I think it is a good idea to test out your plan now. Good thinking.
    That bowl looks delicious. I absolutely love the idea with the fruit bowl. So much fun because then you don’t need to wash dishes 🙂 I’d stuff mine with cottage cheese. YUM!

  2. Hi Kaitlyn!
    As soon as I clicked over to your site I had a major flashback! 🙂 I used to eat cantaloupe bowls all.the.time! They were my go-to office snack! I need to bring them back in Madrid!

    I also wanted to encourage you in the weight gaining while traveling Europe. So much good food! How hard could it be? But trust me… you will walking! A lot! I am unintentionally thinner here than when I am in the States. So when you want that extra gelato. Go for it! 🙂

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