Summer Food

Happy Memorial Day! 🙂

Today I was excited at the grocery store when I spotted some corn on the cob and watermelon!

Helloooo yummy food…

Goodbye! 😉

Oh, and check out this baby watermelon…

So cute! This watermelon is smaller than it looks in the picture. I spotted it at Kroger today and I couldn’t resist. It was the perfect size for just me! 🙂

Today I don’t have a fancy recipe for you guys. I just grabbed some rotisserie chicken, green beans, and corn and cooked it up in about 15 minutes. It was delicious though and I plan on making a lot of meals out of my rotisserie chicken this week!

So, lets get back to this waking up early in the morning goal I’ve made.

Today I woke up at 8:00 (I had a day off, otherwise I would have woken up earlier!).  Normally on a day off I would wake up around 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning.  However, I’m really glad I decided to wake up early because the day felt a lot longer and I had plenty of time to get things checked off my to-do list!

Today I:

– Exercised
– Practiced
– Planned meals
– Got groceries
– Cleaned apartment
– Did all laundry


Tomorrow I have class at 9:30, so I’ve got to wake up even earlier.  Can I do it?! Eek…

What did you have to eat on Memorial Day? 


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  1. I saw your comment on PB Fingers and I had to come look at your blog because PB fingers was also the blog that inspired me to start mine (I just started blogging very recently). So I’m just saying hi!

    Yum, and nothing makes me happier than summer foods.. especially watermelon (haha which is why my blog is watermelon smiles).

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