My Junior Year of College

Since I didn’t start blogging until the end of this semester, I thought it might be fun to do a little review of the past year – My junior year of college!

My junior year was my first full year at UGA. When I think of this year as a whole, I think of all the new friends I made.  In Spring 2010, I transferred in from Columbus State (the middle of my sophomore year). I was pretty lonely my first semester, but things picked up and got better my junior year. I went from being a lonely transfer student to being surrounded by lots of wonderful new friends.  I learned this year that making friends would take effort at a big school like UGA (CSU was very small and I didn’t even have to make effort – It was easy!).  I joined groups/clubs and learned to initiate conversation with others.  It was hard, but my effort paid off! 🙂  Now look at all these cool people I met! …

Meeting the Punch Brothers!

I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made this year!

My junior year was also filled with so many new experiences.  Here are the top five highlights…

Top 5 Junior Year Highlights:

1. Turning 21
I’m glad my birthday is early in the school year (August 29th – Michael Jackson’s birthday too! Ha.)  Being 21 gives me access to all the wonderful music venues/bars in Athens.  I can finally experience the incredible music scene my town has to offer! woohoo!

Attempting to like beer. I tend to get "girlie" drinks.

2. Going Sky Diving
Talk about the most epic thing I’ve ever done.  Going sky diving was my 21st birthday present to myself.  Boy, was it insane!  I recommend everyone doing it at some point in their lives.  Next time I go, I plan to NOT have a random dude strapped to my behind. 😉 I really enjoyed shocking friends and family by making the big jump (without fear too!).  Just because I’m an introvert, doesn’t mean I’m a chicken! 😛

Before the big jump!

What a dork...

Sharing the experience with my roomie and friend Casey from CSU!

3. Meeting ZAC HANSON
Yes, that would be Zac Hanson from HANSON – The three musical brothers with the hit “Mmm Bop”  (circa 1997!)

Zac Hanson! - My first childhood crush

This picture is hilarious…

Me being a creepy fan (This is staged, I am not really that creepy.. I hope ;))

4. Taking my first trip with a friend
Right before the school year started, my friend Carrie (She’s going to Europe too!) and I decided to take a trip to the beach for a few days – just us!  It was great girl time.  I loved that we are both people who don’t need to be entertained 24/7.  We just relaxed on the beach and enjoyed each other’s company!

5. Going to my first UGA football games
If you know anything about UGA, you know that they’re obsessed with football.  This year I went to my first UGA football games.  We were quite a terrible team this year, but it was still fun!

I’d say I had a pretty sweet Junior Year!

What are the highlights of your year?



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3 responses to “My Junior Year of College

  1. Ah I want to go back to college! loved your recap.

    and zac is really pretty dang cute now! was he nice??

  2. Hahaha your picture behind Zac is too funny. The Hanson brothers are great guys, I’m glad you had the opportunity to meet them. I thought this was a great post, until I saw you were a Bulldogs fan 😉 Chomp, chomp.

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