Summer is Here!

Whew! I’m back and officially survived two weeks crammed with papers and exams.

Now I’m back home for a week before I start a Maymester class called “Symbolic Logic.” Anyone even know what that means? Something tells me that class won’t be useful in preparing me to be a music teacher. 😉 But hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

Yesterday I took several macro shots in my parent’s yard. I used my dad’s Macro Sigma 105mm lens, which was attached to my Nikon D90. I’m in love with this lens! It was very challenging to get good shots though, trust me. Photography is so much more than pressing a button!

For the first picture, I had to take a billion shots just to get that ant.  He was moving around so fast!

This last picture is of a cicada. Right now when you go outside in middle Georgia, you will hear non-stop LOUD buzzing sounds. It’s pretty obnoxious. Here is the bug behind that sound…

This bug was actually dead in my driveway. I’m surprised I had no fear in picking it up to take shots of it.  He looks alive though! I guess I really love photography, huh? 😉

Now that I’m home, my days will consist of:

1. Enjoying getting home cooked meals from my mama
2. Taking lots and lots of pictures (Got to practice for Europe!)
3. Spending time with family and friends from my hometown
4. Enjoying the fact that I have no assignments or tests for a whole week!

Can’t complain!

See you soon.  Since my schedule has slowed down, I’m back to blogging!  Time for Maymester and time to start preparing for EUROPE! 🙂



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6 responses to “Summer is Here!

  1. Rocky Davidson

    Do you have any Cicada recipes?

  2. The bug looks surprised to be there :]

  3. oh my gosh. those are BEAUTIFUL photos.

  4. Beautiful shots. Of the flowers. The bug creeped me out. I would not have been able to take pictures of it. LOL

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