Addicted to Adele

Just go ahead and click on this video while you read my post.

I don’t think it’s possible to not like this song!  I think adding a song to every post is going to be my thing.  I love sharing good music to the world!  This song is excellent and so is the whole album.  It’s called 21 in case you want to check it out (which you totally should.. seriously).

OK… Back to food.  This morning I rushed out the door and only grabbed a ‘nanner.  I stayed up a bit too late last night for how early I woke up this morning. (Lets remember I’m in college here!) Luckily I wasn’t out too long and this ‘nanner held me over (mostly) until lunch.



Lunch was quite colorful today with an apple, pita chips, celery, carrots, & a bagel with strawberry preserves on top.  And as you can see.. I had some hummus 😀  Next time I think I’m going to make the hummus myself (not that this hummus was bad).


I had chorus rehearsal tonight and planned on reheating last nights Tuscan White Bean Pasta, which you may see here.  However, I got invited to dinner with friends and since I enjoy being around my friends, I couldn’t really pass this up…

It is certainly not healthy, but it’s quite yummy.  😉

Today’s food was certainly not very interesting, but tomorrow I’ve got some good things coming your way so STAY TUNED! 😀

One of the meals is often referred to as a green monster.

Check back to see what that means! 😀


What is the most bizarre food you’ve eaten?  Do you eat meals with strange titles?



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